May peace prevail on Earth.

Our Light Prevails

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Our Light Prevails

From time to time, we may feel surrounded by an unlit night, a prevailing darkness, dense and unwelcome. Look into it without fear, for the Light that emanates and liberates from our core being is eternal. It can seem untouchable, intangible, and invisible, yet it remains, like the unseen Moon, revealing itself in phases through the many seasons of our lives.
We are not cloaked by darkness. Like the Earth, we are suspended in it, yet illuminated by a Light Source always present. Our light prevails.
A guide that nourishes and sustains us can feel unfamiliar and foreign when reaching for the unknown in hope of something better. Reach for it, believing in who It is in you. Remember to celebrate and honor that you are unique in all the world, witnessed as a reflection of the Source of all Light, known by different names, loved by many.