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The Art of Our Lives

Mary Kobet "You show your works and by that time, they are souvenirs of a life well inhabited."

I love this quote by Robert Redford. It reflects the way I feel when witnessing the images that continue to accompany me and grace my life.

My Fine Art America galleries are currently password-protected as I move my works to Pictorem, a fine art company offering wall decor reprints on seven different surfaces, including murals, high-definition metal, and free shipping.

MKobet Reflective Images represents my creativity coaching business and the digital reprints now for sale on Pictorem. My coaching sessions are scheduled in blocks of three one-hour online or in-person meetings with a complimentary 30-minute assessment or inquiry prior to starting with one another. This is an exchange to assess a person's expectations and creative intention. You may reach me to inquire and schedule via