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The Light Within

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The Light Within

Have you ever been awe struck by the beautiful light in the eyes of a one year old or a ninety six year old? I have.
Have you ever witnessed a scene in the natural world so beautifully lit, it took your breath away?
Highlights, low lights, no light, bright light, color saturation (sounds like a hair appointment).
That moment when no photograph will ever equate to the transcendence you just felt?
I know what you mean.

Photography can visually record the milliseconds and decades of our lives. We witness aging through changes in physical appearance, but what reflects our wisdom, our innate beauty, the eternal flame, our light within? I believe God's love for us is far beyond my comprehension.

I honor the Source of this love in its expression called light through my photography. Reflective images often-observed in water, glass, metal and the translucency of fabric, spark wonder about coexisting dimensions for our viewing enjoyment. What is really expressed in the play of opposites, light and matter, spiritual and physical, the organic and industrial?

Honoring the light within is honoring the Source of all light, all love, our life, creativity, intelligence, healing capacity, mercy, grace, kindness and words worthy of this context to fill the rest of this page. The camera is a tangible means of connecting as witness and witnessed, of acknowledging and being acknowledged.

For me, to be in awe of light is to be in awe of God and the miracles of the natural world, we humans, included. I'm reminded of a quote by Dr. Rachael Naomi Remen. "We are not here to fix life because it's not broken, we're here to serve life because it's sacred."

To photography as a witness of the sacred and to your own conversation with the Light within.

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